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When you are a motorist on the streets you know that there is always a chance that your vehicle may become inoperable. It is a great idea to know what you would do if you are in that situation and what assistance you will need. Many times the car is no longer drivable and will need to be towed away, while other instances require a services such as fluid delivery or a tire change to get you back on the road.

24 Hour Towing Texas Lists Common Reasons Motorists Need to Call For Roadside Assistance

Run Out of Gas & Need a Fuel Delivery: One of the most common reasons that roadside assistance is called is because a driver has run out of gas. It seems silly since cars all have a gauge that shows you how much gas you have and many newer cars even will count down the miles. If you have a gauge that is broken you can run out of gas and not really even know until its too late. A company that offers roadside assistance is able to come out and bring a can of gas to get you back on the road.
Locked The Keys in Your Car & Need an Auto Lockout: There are too many moments that someone gets out of the car and it locks. You quickly realize that the keys are still inside. You are now stuck waiting for someone that can maybe find and bring you a spare key or call for roadside assistance. They have the tools and expertise to come out and get you back in your car.
Blow Out Or Flat & Need a Tire Change: If you are driving and all of a sudden your tire blows out, you need to pull off the side of the road immediately. The car needs to have all four tires intact in order to operate safely. If you choose to drive on a flat tire you are ruining the tire for one and the wheel for another. The wheel can become so bent that it will need to be replaced. When you pull off the side of the road you are potentially in danger. It is best to call a company that offers roadside assistance that can come fast. You don’t want to stay on the road for long.
Car Won’t Start: When you come out of a store or a long day at work and your car won’t start the majority of the time you have a dead battery. The battery can be drained by a light or radio left on for a few hours of if you have a bad battery. If you have a battery that has been drained you can have someone come out and jumpstart the car for you. It will give you enough juice to get the car back to your house. If the car won’t start back up it can mean that you need to replace the battery. Either way the best step is to call for roadside assistance.
Car Accident: If you have been in a car accident or your car has damage enough that a jump start won’t do it you may need a tow truck. This will get your car back to your house or to a repair shop. You will need to be specific with the damage to know if they need to bring a standard tow truck or flatbed.

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